Do You have a great Redneck Vodka recipe…. or Think You Do?

Redneck Vodka is going to print its first edition recipe book and were looking for recipes for it. If your recipe is chosen you will win some cool prizes and your name will be placed with your recipe in the book as the bartender for that recipe. If your recipe is chosen you win cool Redneck Vodka tumbler, cap & T-shirt!

Michael Berry

Michael Berry, the Czar of Talk Radio and National Spokesperson for

We believe so much in our system of belief and values that we printed it right on the back of the bottle.

This product was created solely for those red-blooded Americans with the courage to stand for what’s right – even when they stand alone – and who love their children and parents, honor our Veterans, and appreciate all First Responders. They live by the Golden Rule, salute the flag and always stand up for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This vodka has been known to induce patriotism, chivalry, and an abiding respect for our Constitution, including the Second Amendment, which gives us the power to defend the First.

Please be advised that Redneck is not a skin color, heritage of a name or geographic location. It is a system of values as we’ve just stated. Everyone is invited to follow the Redneck creed as articulated herein: Drink responsibly, love deeply, praise generously, and treat others as you’d like to be treated. This fine concoction is dedicated to anyone – Modern-Day or Old School Redneck – who embodies the Redneck Spirit.

—- God Bless America —-

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