Join the Redneck Community

We believe so much in our system of beliefs and values that we printed it right on the back of your bottle.

After reading the back label, if you find you share the same beliefs, we encourage you to join the Redneck Vodka Community to help us:

  • protect and promote the ideals that helped to build this country,
  • have some fun,
  • keep updated on what Michael Berry is up to – bottle signings and personal appearances around the country
  • get the latest recipes and offers
  • and maybe win some FREE stuff

We will ask you for three things.  Here’s why:

Email address:  to keep you up-to-date on the Redneck Community, Recipes and what’s going on with Michael Berry and other members of the Redneck Vodka Family

Birthday: to send you a gift each year to say thank you for being you

Phone number: to text you events, special offers & giveaways of shirts and caps autographed by Michael Berry. Even though we’re Redneck, we know a text is faster and easier for you to read so we’re heading that direction with the rest of the world. We promise not to wear out our welcome!

Remember that phrase in the label – “treat others as you’d like to be treated”?

Well here is our promises:

We will NEVER, EVER call you or share your number or any information.  Even if you give it to us, it is your information – not ours.  We will not email, sell, trade or share it with ANYONE.  We will merely use it to keep you informed.  What you share with us stays with us.

We don’t like the calls and texts from the “car warranty” people, the “Nigerian Prince that needs your help to transfer millions of dollars” or the “buy your house today” calls either.

We don’t do that stuff.  You can opt-out at ANYTIME.